It has to do with precision label maker

It’s simple: If a die cut part isn’t manufactured to precise specifications and tolerances it won’t work. And while many companies may sell die cut parts, we at Zephyr have mastered the art of precision. In fact, our components can be constructed, printed, and cut to even the most precise specifications.
We offer a variety of die cutting methods to convert materials into predefined shapes and sizes.  Our high-speed precision die cutting equipment produces simple to complex shapes out of a variety of materials, allowing us to run small intricate components and to fill your larger bulk needs.  Materials can be kiss cut, through cut, cut into individual pieces or provided as multiple parts cut to a liner. 
As a leading converter we can create die cuts out of a number of materials including:

  • Tapes.
  • Gaskets/Seals/pads /Cushions..
  • Labels.
  • Insulators.

Customers requiring high precision dimensions, stamping of parts via hard tooling are available as well, and all products can be supplied with an adhesive for easy application.


Custom die components to meet every need

These include but are not limited to the following:

  •  Adhesive Free Zone Seals for hard disk drives that have chemically clean adhesive, clean room conversion. Adhesive Free Zone (AFZ) Seals are used primarily in hard disk drives (HDD) to seal opening or holes such as clock heads, servos and screw holes. These seals are usually made of multiple layers of components using aluminum, copper or polyester as backing and the unique adhesive laminates together with a silicone free PET liner. The back of the seals will be custom die cut to allow an island of area without adhesive. This is achieved with our proprietary technology which we developed in-house.
  • Full rotary, high speed, high precision machines to meet your increased volume demands. Class 100/1000 clean room conversion, quality control and packaging rooms.
  • With ultra low outgassing adhesives designed for inside-drive parts, Zephyr now offers double-coated and single-coated adhesives for your sealing applications. Features include: Multiple construction options that allow a choice of the right material       for Adhesive Free Zone seals, printable seals, and standard seals. Exceptional bond strength to stainless steel, aluminum, and e-coated surfaces using patented adhesive technology to ensure excellent sealing performance. High environmental resistance to maintain clean strippability even after prolonged exposure to heat and humidity.

Low outgas, high purity silicone-free tape contributes to improve hdd reliability. In addition to low outgas, high purity and strong reliability, "silicone-free" is demanded for adhesive tape used for electronic parts of hard disk drive (HDD). This is because the siloxane gas in the silicone release agent gets oxidized inside the HDD and changes to SiO2, causing head crash. To solve this problem, Zephyr has developed a silicone-free adhesive tape using uniquely developed silicone-free release liner. The tape offers superior adhesion and the minimal siloxane gas contribute to improve the reliability of HDD.


Dampening adhesives for hard disk drive custom vinyl stickers

We strive for exceptional reliability and performance. All hard disk drive adhesives are engineered to meet the critical cleanliness requirements for outgassing, ionic contamination, tin, and low-extractible silicones. Also, different adhesives are optimized for strong bond strength, noise and vibration damping, and clean removability, even after prolonged heat and humidity exposure. In response to evolving industry requirements, Zephyr consistently delivers innovative solutions to HDD manufacturers.


EMI / RFI Shields

Your sensitive electronic devices need protection against external forces that are beyond your control, namely Electro Magnetic forces and Radio waves that may cause interference to its desired function. To protect your devices, you can use these shields made of special materials designed for this very purpose.

With our ability to die-cut or convert intricate shapes and sizes for your EMI/ RFI/ Insulation needs, Zephyr is able to offer our customers options beyond graphical applications. Our capabilities include cutting laminating, trimming and sheeting of various EMI/RFI materials.



Insulators can be thermal insulators or electrical insulators. In either case, no compromise in quality is tolerable and failure to meet this requirement will have dire consequences and will cost you not just monetarily. Therefore, the specifications of the materials to be used are verified against your requirements of use before we recommend any material.


Foams / Cushions

To reduce the effect of shock, vibration and impact, foams and cushions are essential to preserve the function of your product. Whether it is to reduce the vibration caused by a small motor or to cushion your LCD panel from shock, we have the right foam for your application to prolong your product’s lifespan.


Double side coated tapes

Heat and chemical resistant, superior dielectric strength, tear, puncture and abrasion resistant. The application for these double coated tapes are literally endless. They can be used to hold a component in place where drilling is impossible or to attach an insulator to a component. Whatever the application is, we are sure to have the right double side coated tape to suit your application.

With the rising trend towards smaller sized products like mobile phones, MP3 players, notebooks, etc, the need for uniquely shaped attachment tape to bond LCDs, lenses, and keypads to the housing is becoming more critical then ever.

Using our sophisticated equipment, we are able to provide you solutions on double-sided tape that may have intricate shapes with specific zones with adhesive. This is crucial in allowing your design to be of minimum restriction thereby creating a unique product to suit the needs of your clients.

We are environmental friendly and socially responsible

Our products are totally ROHS compliant. We have adopted EICC (Electronic Industry Code of Conduct) to improve working and environmental conditions in our operations. 

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